Weeknotes 08.23–08.29

Notes from my week.

  • The big news from the week is that I started a new job! After 8 years at K-State, it was time to move on. I’m now working as a front-end developer at High Touch Technologies, based in my hometown of Wichita, Kansas. I’ll continue working remotely from home, something I really wanted to continue after trying it out for the past year-and-a-half. I’m excited to start something new, and I’ll have a lot to learn, as this will be a very different tech stack from my previous job.
  • My new work computer is a 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro. I was excited to try out a computer with Apple’s new CPU, and the battery life looks to be amazing so far. The real challenge came when trying to set up my development environment. Most of the tools I use have Apple silicon versions, but a few of them installed the Intel version by default. A couple more tools required a few extra hoops to jump through. I think I have most of it working properly now though.
  • One thing I still do not have working properly is my mouse. I have the Logitech Performance Mouse MX, and the new drivers refuse to recognize it, even though Logitech says it’s still supported. My guess is that it’s another M1 compatibility thing. I’ve found some workarounds, like installing SteerMouse, but it’s still less than ideal. I may end up finally ordering that new MX Master mouse that I’ve been eyeing.
  • I’ve been updating my dotfiles quite a bit this week as I’ve been setting up my new computer.
  • Adding to the stress of the first week at a new job, the kids started school again. We’re doing homeschool/virtual school again this year, and the first week went well.
  • I finally got around to doing all the yard work I had been putting off since we got back from vacation.
  • We ordered another mattress, and it seems we double our budget for each one we try. 💸






  • NHL 21 (PS4)