An Event Apart: “Responsive Content Models”

Steve Fisher speaking at An Event Apart Seattle 2018 on April 4, 2018.

Responsive Content Models describe all of the content types on a target site, the elements of each, and then prioritize the content type that should appear on a specific page type. They help us define the content creation, design, and user experience concepts for the new or refreshed site. This is especially important for the responsive web—because layout and user context is constantly changing, we have to make sure that content priorities are represented consistently across all platforms. In this engaging talk, Steve Fisher will show you how to find the core piece you need, prioritize for multiple devices, and sketch out the solution to your responsive-content woes.


  • Today we’ll cover four things:
    • A framework to help us as teams and individuals come together
    • How to find and prioritize your various content types
    • Sketching the models for clearer understanding
    • Moving into responsive in-browser prototypes
  • Conflict is the Key to Great Experiences
  • The web is about people, connecting us to one another
  • Part of what we are doing on the web is finding ways to help our products retain their humanity
  • 4 questions to create space for people to open up
    • What do you do?
    • What is painful?
    • What do you love?
    • What do you wish?
  • Usernames are people
  • LDJ (Lightning Design Jam)
  • We should prioritize the non-urgent, important tasks
  • Make your projects more successful and build a better, more thoughtful web, one content type at a time
  • Responsive Content Modeling (Content Design)templates

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