Weeknotes 2020.08.07

My first weeknotes! I’m jumping on the bandwagon. There will probably be a few kinks I need to work out as I find a format that I like.

Learning Vue

I’ve been looking at Vue for quite some time, and this week I was finally able to start using it on a new project. It’s perhaps a bit overkill for this particular project, but this will give us a bit of experience with it for future work. This website needs to be completely client-side logic, so I’m not feeling so bad about going all in with JavaScript.


I celebrated my 40th birthday last week. Birthdays have been a bit strange during the pandemic, but I had a fun, relaxing day at home (while it rained outside most of the day). I spent the day hanging out with my family, eating some good food, and putting together a new LEGO set. At the end of the day, I was shown a surprise video of birthday messages from friends and family around the country (and world).

LEGO Steamboat Willie


I‘m very excited to have the NHL back! (I’m not so excited about how my Penguins are doing…) The fake crowd noise is a bit weird, but I still think it’s better than total silence.