Weeknotes 2020.08.31

Due to family events and spending all last week trying to finish a project on time, this is a shortened and delayed 2-week version of my weeknotes.

  • I was really excited to use datalist on a project last week, but it turns out that performance is pretty poor in Chrome (at least for the large set of data that we needed to use). There were some strange issues in Firefox as well.
  • I was able to get autocomplete replacement for datalist mostly up and running in our Vue app before I found Vue Select, which did exactly what we needed.
  • I played a bit of Fortnite season 4 this past weekend. I’m still not sure I really love Fortnite. I spend most of the time collecting supplies before I even run into other players. It’s for sure more fun playing with friends than playing alone though.
  • Watched: