Weeknotes 2020.10.12–2020.10.18

Notes from my week.


  • Continuing to finish up the first phase of the K-State DFS project. It sounds like future work may be put on hold while requirements are collected.
  • Had a meeting to discuss building e-mail templates in TargetX
  • Started working on our new build tools, trying to decide between Gulp or npm scripts
  • Planning for the future with the K-State mobile app
  • Meeting with Decisions to see what’s new with the software (and see if they have addressed any of our accessibility concerns)
  • Started “Vue: Getting Started” on Pluralsight


  • Family trip to Lawrence to meet up with the grandparents and visit a pumpkin patch event for our kids’ school
  • Ate at Terrebonne
  • Dinner with my dad



  • Untitled Goose Game — I finished all the things
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — FLASHBANG night with college friends
  • Fortnite


  • Finished The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (audiobook) — I’ve lived in Kansas my entire life and somehow had never read this (although I’ve seen the movie many times)
  • Started Charlie and the Chocolate Factory