In somewhat old news, I released a new version of in May. The design isn’t vastly different from what I had before, but the code received some major changes, including a move from Jekyll to Eleventy.

Screenshot of v2021

I attempted to upgrade my site to version 4 of Jekyll. After upgrading, my site would no longer build. This was enough to give me the final push needed to move the site to Eleventy.

Eleventy supports several template languages, including Liquid, which I was using in Jekyll. I decided to go with Nunjucks templates instead of Liquid because a JavaScript-based language fits the rest of my stack a little better. Also, the current version of Eleventy doesn’t include the latest version of Liquid, although it looks like that may soon change.

The other big change for the website was moving all the build processes from Grunt to npm. I thought about using Gulp, but so far, npm scripts have worked pretty well for me.

In March, I changed the versioning of my website to a year-based system. Normally, this would have been v4 of my site. In reality, I had released many versions in the past, before having the code in Git.

There’s still a long list of things I’d like to finish once I get time to work on the site a bit more. But for now, I’m much happier with the setup than I was before.