Weeknotes 07.01–07.11

Notes from my week.

  • We had a long Independence Day weekend in Kansas City (the kids spent the previous week there with the grandparents, while Jermaine and I got some things done around the house). We packed quite a bit into the weekend: Had dinner with some old college friends
    • Went to see a play based on the children’s book Dragons Love Tacos
    • Finally ate at The Snack Shack in Overland Park
    • Celebrated my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s purchase of their new house
    • Made a very quick trip to IKEA
    • Took the kids to see their first-ever Independence Day fireworks show
  • I have been looking into free services to set up a status page for my websites. I tried setting up a Nuxt app to pull the data, which has been a fun way to start learning Nuxt.
  • Started up on a paleo diet again.
  • Dentist appointment (no cavities 🎉).
  • K-State HR released their remote work policy guidelines.
  • The DFS Surplus Property website redesign took a pretty big turn this week. We were given a requirement to use some software that has yet to be purchased, so it looks like it will have to be put on hold for a while.
  • Our cat had surgery on his foot over 3 months ago, but it still wasn’t healing properly. We took him to another vet to get a second opinion, and we’re hoping he can make a full recovery.
  • A few weeks ago I noticed an “archive” button in my wife’s 1Password app. This week I looked into it, and it seems to be a new feature I had missed. Previously, I had just created a separate vault for archived items, so this looks like a nice change.
  • Had our first team meeting after being shuffled under our new assistant director. Hopefully, this will mean the dust is finally settling for us on this department restructuring that started nearly 4 years ago when the new CIO was hired.
  • Made homemade maraschino cherries. Making them wasn’t too difficult, but there probably has to be something I can buy that is in between the cheap, fake grocery store cherries and the $20 Luxardo brand cherries.






  • NHL 21 (PS4)
  • Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC, Steam)