Weeknotes 11.01–11.07

Notes from my week.

  • Updated the Tallgrass Church website to Drupal 9. During the update process, I got stuck on an error telling me the sync directory wasn’t set up. It turns out that they just changed the format needed in the settings file.
  • Trying out the Warp terminal app. It does a few things that I really like, but something about it still doesn’t quite feel like a native Mac app (I even had to double check it wasn’t an Electron app). I’ll be interested to see how it progresses.
  • Started a trial of Apple Arcade. The kids seem pretty excited to have more games to play on their iPads.
  • Our cat had to have his leg amputated this week, and we thought we came pretty close to losing him (again). He seems to be doing quite a bit better now though.






  • Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4/PS5)