Weeknotes 01.10–01.16

Notes from my week.

  • Working on my annual performance review, my first as a High Touch employee.
  • Meeting with Dave to discuss the future of the website for Tallgrass at The Well.
  • Continued working on my bragdoc.
  • Figuring out the world of Girl Scout cookies sales.
  • Spent a good amount of time this week cleaning up projects and to-do lists.
  • As with most places in the United States, COVID-19 cases have been way up in Manhattan.
  • Working on Pinewood Derby cars with our kids. I was never a part of Scouts as a kid, but I did participate in a few Pinewood Derbies at my church.






  • NHL 22 (PS5)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4/PS5)