Weeknotes 05.09–05.15

Notes from my week.

  • Continuing to learn that for some reason returning my own Amazon Prime purchases is easy, but returning things to Amazon with a gift receipt is a terrible experience.
  • Made some changes to our app at work last week, and this week I learned that my changes broke some of the tests due to adding extra whitespace to the HTML.
  • My Maker’s Mark Ambassador for Life card arrived! 🙌
  • We had a praying mantis infestation this week. My daughter was given a piece of fossilized wood a few weeks ago that apparently had mantis eggs on it, which hatched on her dresser.
  • Sadly, my Pittsburgh Penguins exited the Stanley Cup playoffs early again this year. It’s so frustrating to keep seeing them dominate a series only to be let down by goaltending. With some big pending free agents this season, it’s sad to think with all the success this Penguins core has enjoyed over the years, this is how it might end. 😢