Weeknotes 06.07–06.12

Notes from my week.

  • I’ve been giving Apple Fitness+ a try. I’ve mostly done yoga to (hopefully) help with my back pain, and so far I like it! The workouts seem very approachable.
  • The kids went to Girl Scout camp at the end of the week, and my wife volunteered to help as well. It was weird having an empty house for a couple of days.
  • Some local development issues slowed me down as I wasn’t able to run the npm install or update commands. Initially, I fixed it by upgrading our app to Node 16, but that came with a lot of additional issues. We’ll have to get everything upgraded eventually, but it looks like we’ll have to stick with what we have for now.
  • We celebrated my Dad’s 69th birthday! 🎉
  • PlayStation 5 controllers have been on sale, so I bought one in the new-ish Galactic Purple color. 😍
  • I also learned PlayStation gift cards cannot be used on playstation.com to purchase controllers or other hardware. 🤷‍♂️
  • We had a tornado scare on Saturday near our house (they later called it “straight line winds”, not a tornado). The storm did several millions of dollars worth of damage to properties around town, and knocked down several trees in our neighborhood). We’re very thankful for our basement. 🌪
  • After years of somehow surviving on the free iCloud storage, I finally broke down and upgraded our plan. I didn’t realize that Apple doesn’t add the free storage on top of the upgraded storage, so for a family of four, the 50 GB plan only adds 30 GB of additional storage.



There was a lot of Apple news from WWDC this week.




  • NHL Stanley Cup playoffs
  • Letterkenny
  • Pocahontas
  • Bluey
  • Stranger Things — Started season 4