Weeknotes 2020.09.26–2020.10.04

Notes from my week.


  • Putting the finishing touches on the first phase of the K-State DFS project: fixing build tools, bug fixes, and minor improvements
  • Did some code cleanup for the K-State Admissions Reps project, and we finally did an actual v1.0.0 code release (the project has been live in the K-State CMS for a few weeks now)
  • Related to the Admissions Reps project: I looked a bit more into the difference between created and mounted in Vue. The way I understand it, created seems suited for fetching data, because it starts before the element is part of the DOM, but that also means it can’t make DOM manipulations.
  • Working on my portfolio a bit


Lucy 2

  • Last Monday night, we heard a very small kitten trapped in my office window. We aren’t really able to have another cat at the moment, so we took her to the animal shelter.
  • I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for the past couple of weeks. I’ve had back pain off and on for a while, so hopefully this will help.
  • Family trip to the doctor’s office to get our annual flu shots
  • I’m pretty good about getting out for a walk first thing in the morning, but this past week I’ve been trying to take more walks after lunch with my kids. We’re going to need to find more ways to get them moving and out of the house this winter.
  • The kids had a friend stay with us for a couple of days while her mom gave birth to her new baby brother
  • The Port-au-Prince is one of my new favorite drinks
  • Lots of yard work Sunday afternoon


  • NHL Stanley Cup Finals — I’m sad that hockey is over. It sounds like the NHL might not start back up again until January.
  • NCAA football: K-State vs. Oklahoma — What an amazing win for K-State!
  • NCAA football: K-State vs. Texas Tech — No hangover from the previous week, another big win.
  • NFL: Chiefs vs. Ravens
  • Brave
  • My wife and I have started our annual Harry Potter movie watching. So far we’ve made it through Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  • Onward


  • Untitled Goose Game — Super fun game, but I wish it was a bit longer. I finished the main story, and now I’m working on all the extra stuff. My kids discovered it, and now they keep asking to play.