Weeknotes 07.19–07.25

Notes from my week.

  • I spent some time working on my website. I added related links to my projects and started working on some home page changes.
  • The kids were at VBS this week, and they loved it.
  • I started exercising a bit again, and it sucks.
  • K-State Student Life has a bunch of old projects that need to be shut down, updated, and/or re-written. I spent some time this week reviewing the code.
  • I’ve been working on a test project to help me learn Nuxt a little bit. My initial impression is that Nuxt is a bit clumsy at the moment, but I think version 3 is supposed to be out soon, which would probably fix a lot of the issues. I tried building the same functionality with Next, and it seems to be more refined.
  • Jermaine got a new softshell jacket this week, and I’m jealous.
  • Just when my free year of Apple TV+ was about to expire next week, PlayStation announced a deal giving 6-months of Apple TV+ to PS5 owners. Just in time for Ted Lasso season 2.
  • I renewed my drivers license this week, which is always fun. It turns out the office near my house is doing renewals by appointments only, and the next available slot was in August, after my license expires. So I had to drive to the office in the neighboring county, which surprisingly had zero wait time.
  • After using our Nectar mattress for nearly the entirety of the 365-day trial, we decided to do a return. It just hasn’t been great for my hips and back, especially in the past 6 months. The return process was pretty easy. There are no participating donation centers near us, so we just had to give it away on Facebook. But now we’re back to shopping for a mattress again.






  • NHL 21 (PS4)
  • Ghost of Tsushima (PS4) — Finished all the trophies. I think this is the first game I’ve ever completed 100%.