Weeknotes 04.11–04.17

Notes from my week.

  • Trying out Astro a bit. I’ve heard good things about it, and it might fit a little side project that I want to work on.
  • Testing the Drupal Library module. I have a site that I need to convert from file entities to media entities.
  • Start the freeCodeCamp JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures curriculum.
  • Dealing with van problems: a power steering fluid leak and apparently a packrat, which is somehow unrelated to the leak.
  • Another new mattress, hoping that this will be a keeper. 🤞
  • We’re already way behind on yard work, as usual.
  • Deployed my bragdoc to Netlify. It’s finally in a somewhat usable state.
  • Celebrated Easter in town along with our cats’ 15th birthday.
  • I won my fantasy hockey championship! 🎉